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Farid Ahmed

“It has often been said that lead is ‘a big industry but a small world’.” As Principal Analyst Lead Markets at Wood Mackenzie, Industry Insights speaker Farid Ahmed will contextualise the global perspective and interconnectivity of our vast sector, bringing with him over twenty-five years of lead industry experience in roles including R&D, operations and commercial.

17ELBC will continue to bring that ‘big’ experience – Industry Insights from leading experts and company executives together with a high quality and extensive programme of Technical Sessions. Our new virtual platform, available on mobile and desktop, is the new ‘small world’ we’ll be bringing it to you from during this critical time.

Nick Starita

That interconnectivity of ELBC is also reflected across the breadth of speaker insights we’ll be bringing you. Nick Starita, well placed as President of the Energy and Industrial Systems Division at Hollingsworth & Vose, will provide an overview of the global industrial battery market in relation to our diversified and customer base. His analysis will be further strengthened using industry sales data to analyse both the global stationary and motive power battery markets.

Carl Telford, Ricardo Strategic Consulting’s Futures Research Manager will take it even further – his stance is that for the automotive customer base, an effective deployment of a suite of suitable battery technologies to support these changes, is paramount and his that for this ‘increasingly energy-storage-hungry sector’ the key will be maintaining access to lead-battery technology. Read Farid, Nick and Carl’s abstracts here and get ready with your thoughts.

Carl Telford

That’s where ELBC’s unique interlinked nature also brings the combination of innovation and industry insight needed for our industries. 17ELBC is the first to be co-organised by ILA and CBI – both dedicated exclusively to supporting the lead and lead battery industries worldwide. CBI’s Battery Match for example helps electricity providers and other energy storage projects find a battery system that best meets their requirements. Co-producing the ELBC Technical Sessions, we’re further bridging the gap between utilities, renewable energy providers and battery manufacturers by showcasing developments in lead batteries used for utility service applications.

Could the use of graphite/carbon materials enhance industrial batteries for utility energy storage in association with renewables and grid services? For storage systems that are characterised by a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is battery charge–discharge efficiency the key factor for viable integration by utilities? All these and more will be covered in our Lead Batteries in Energy Storage Applications session.

For us it’s clear – there is an increasing need for sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective battery solutions to achieve the energy transition goals set by governments around the world. Lead batteries possess all these characteristics to enable our markets to meet them. But don’t take our word for it – register here and ask the experts at 17ELBC.