Across three days, the ELBC Studio is bringing insights from over 50 analysts, industry leaders and battery technology experts directly to you. Discuss and debate the impact of the pandemic, receive a comprehensive overview of the industry’s prospects for the year ahead and get up to date on the latest lead battery research and innovation.

The full programme including all speaker abstracts and biographies is set out below.

Delegates enjoyed a packed 16ELBC programme in Vienna: this year we’re bringing you all this and more from the ELBC Studio

Day one – Industry Insights

22 September 12.00-15.00 BST (London time)

Day one focuses on Industry Insights – live and interactive with keynotes assessing the impact on the industry of the COVID-19 pandemic and what the next year will hold for lead batteries. Delegates will have an opportunity to ask questions and join the discussion live, or connect with speakers off-line.

Days two and three – Technical Sessions

23 and 24 September 12.00-15.00 BST (London time)

Days two and three cover our comprehensive Technical Sessions – all technical presentations will be available on demand to stream one week in advance from the dedicated conference platform. Delegates will be able to participate in the live panel discussions as each presenters findings are summarised and debated with experts in the ELBC Studio.

All video presentations will be available on-demand during and after the event

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